Friday, June 30, 2017

Quickie Crochet Purse

I got a new phone (I'm writing this post from said phone) and it doesn't fit in my pocket anymore. I needed a small bag for chapstick and new phone...So I made one!

It was pretty easy. I used Knit Picks Brava and an I hook and did some mystery number of stitches until it looked like the right size. I changed colors for the first time in crochet too, which was neat. I even made a flower to close the top.

I'll let you know if I like it.

*edit: I definitely liked it. With my phone/chapstick/blotting papers in there, it was heavy enough to sit in just the right spot on my hip. And the bag search lady said it was cute! Win Win!

Monday, March 7, 2016

I Made a Hat!

Hats have, for some reason, been a mental obstacle for me. I think because I can't visualize how they will come together, my brain immediately throws them into the "omgimpossible" category. But 2016 is the year of conquering, so I chose to conquer my double-pointed-needles.

I made a hat and no one died!

What Does The Fox Say?

I came across this pin forever ago. It lurked in the back of my head for months and months. But I was afraid. I thought my skillz weren't evolved enough...I read different versions of the pattern and I was scared. Turns out, it was not my fault.

I took notes on my Ravelry page as I went. I did not, however, include all the "what the fuck?" moments I had.
**Basically, with the gray** 

CO 2sts
row one: increased (kfb, k, kfb) 
row two: k across
 *do this until you have 22sts or its as wide as you want*
***switch to red***
row "three": K across
row "four": slip the first st, then K across
*keep going until its long enough*
decrease (k2tog, k, k2tog) until its narrow as you want it to be. do whatever stitch you want for at least 4 inches, then increase again until you have 22/whatever sts.
(The red I used for the body wasnt quite enough. I think at least 100g would be needed, maybe even 110g. I ended up using more of the gray. My fox has a long neck)
Once it got to about the right length, I started decreases. I used k2tog, k, k2tog until it was the right size. I bound off, then crocheted a little back loop and stitched it down. 

For the ears: (x2)
Co 2sts
Kfb, k across each row until 12 sts. 
Bind off
Sew them on where ever. 
I plan on adding buttons for eyes.
What every damned picture I saw looked like

What mine looks like (with a little help from Thing #1)

What I Learned
I am easily frustrated when reading patterns. I need to work on my comprehension.

I am capable of "winging it"

I don't like the way wool tweed slides across my hand while knitting.

I don't really have to finish things in two days. I don't.

I like knitting triangles. KFBFTW.