Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Patons Colorwul and Cats

I had a doctor's appointment this week. All went well, but I was not looking forward to the waiting room. It always seems as though the wait is painfully long, and you can only play so many rounds of Giant Boulder of Death on your phone before you start wanting to pull your eyebrows off. Since I have recently acquired a new skill, I decided to start a quickie project to help me pass the time.

I used a single skein of Patons Colorwul. It is ultra squishy and cozy, and on 10mm needles it knits up fast. I honestly can't decide if I like the wrong side of the right side best...they are both so pretty!

What I learned
I have been joining in-the-round wrong and weird...yet somehow its working for me. I'm going to try it the right way and see what happens.

The cat can be coerced into modelling if I am willing to clean nose prints off my UV filter.

Wool roving is messy and snuggly and far too warm for most days here. Also, I don't care. I love it.

Haven is a fabulous show to knit along with. It isn't boring, but it isn't all encompassing.

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