Thursday, April 23, 2015

I Like Lists...and Gifs

a friendly warning: there are lots of gifs in this post. I like them. They make me happy.

Housewifing sucks. Often times, it feels like you are trying to bail the ocean out with a teacup. But its one of those awful things that has to be done...either that or you buy all new underpants every week. I imagine that would be expensive after a while...

There has been more than one occasion when all I have wanted to do is lay down and watch tv for a month or two until the housework does itself.

fun fact: it wont.

Even when you do managed to drag yourself away from the afternoon Bones marathon and start getting things done, it seems like the rest of your household is actively trying to undo all of your work. If you haven't had a day where you thought about burning your house down...your family might be imaginary. I have definitely thrown my hands up and called it quits...more than once.

Cas gets me

So what can you do?

For me, it is lists. So many lists.

I am not the only one either. If you search Pinterest, there are bazillions of "Housekeeping Lists of Awesome!" Some are great, some are hilarious, and some make me say "Seriously?"


I am not quite so crazy as 93% of the housewives that exist. I can't plan to wipe down my baseboards every other week. I am more of a "oh, that" sort of deep cleaner. Yeah, I'm awful and so are my baseboards. Who cares? But making lists makes sure that everyone else  in my house knows what needs doing, and they can pitch in whenever. But you don't need to have an adorable printed list that coordinates with your kitchen...unless you want to. I really don't care.

I generally use a handwritted note on a magnetic note pad from the dollar section at Target. I love those notepads, and I always end up with a ton of them floating around the house. Plus, hand written notes let me add things as needed throughout the week. I also get a sick satisfaction in crossing things off my list when they are finally finished.

truer than I'd like to admit

I don't really know where I was going with this. I'm quite frustrated that the house hasn't learned to clean itself yet. I'm also a little miffed that no scientist has invented disposable houses. I'd love to just pop this one out on the curb and start fresh sometimes.

In closing, this is how I feel right now:


  1. The urge to burn my house down during big cleaning jags is strong...