Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sometimes, You Need a Giant Fuchsia Thing

Two years ago, I bought this enormous entertainment center from Craigslist. It was just over $50, and in fairly good shape. The husband and I figured we could stain it a bit darker and be done. How naive we were...

The sanding was fairly easy, as was deciding on the stain. But for some reason, this project stalled right there. We stained one side, and then nothing. I don't know why. But it sat, abandoned, in the garage. Its very presence mocked me, reminding me that we are a bunch of goddamned slackers.

Then a few months ago (yes we move at a glacial pace) I saw a pin  from some "hey look at all these projects I didn't do!" websites. I fell in love. That bright piece of furniture. Yessss. The Precious. Off I went to the Home Depot to collect paint samples, quite happy with any forward progress.

After about fifty paint cards and a week of "hmm, maybe this one" I finally chose Bright Black Raspberry from Glidden. It was really the best shade. Hilariously, I think I have a polish and lipstick that matches it.

Here is a shitty instagram picture of the "before" as my unwilling husband mixed the paint up for me. I was full of hope and excitement here.

First coat slapped on, no primer. I was actually pretty impressed with the coverage. However, my experience as a nail painter made this project take longer as I have a tendency to apply super thin coats. A normal human might have done this in two coats...I did three-ish.

Once it had a day to dry/cure, it was time to roll it in to the living room and start filling it with things. I wish we had waiting a bit longer, because the paint did get scuffed when shoving the tv into its place...and then pulling it back out because we can't remember which wires go where. Things were tense for a while, but it all seemed to work out in the end.

A few days, later, I finally got the doors finished and the hardware reattached. I am still in love with it. Just looking at it here makes me smile. It isn't completely perfect, but dammit I am proud.

Now for the rest of the room...


  1. What a unique piece of furniture! I can practically guarantee that no one else has a TV cabinet like that. Definitely a conversation piece for any guests. Would you recommend staining/painting old furniture as a project, or would you say that it’s too much work? I would love to do a similar project with my coffee table, but I’m wary of the time investment.

    Jeanmarie @ RVM

    1. it was pretty easy, though it can be a learning curve. I think a small project would be best to start. A 5ft tall tv cabinet might be a wee bit much for the first time.