Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Peanut's Room ReVamp

Twenty-one days before my youngest child was born, we moved. Consequently, she never really got a room designed "just for her". As her public school career approaches, we decided to rectify that. And by god, it turned out awesome.

Her walls were a dingy, old yellowy-peach shade. It wasn't bad, but it was not very kid friendly. Besides the old-lady kitchen was flat paint. A) who puts flat paint in a rental? and B) who uses flat paint ANYWHERE?! The horror, people. THE. HORROR.




We used Behr Marquis paint from Home Depot. I used this same line when I painted the fuchsia tv cabinet and I was really pleased by the performance. We bought a gallon of Dolphin Fin (the gray) and a gallon of the purple whose name is now a secret  Iced Purple. For her smallish room, we consumed nearly the entire gallon of the gray with two coats on the walls (we aren't good painters) and probably half of the purple for the ceiling. 

Because I'm a hoarder, I had a quart of chalkboard paint in the garage. Now the kid has a chalkboard wall. That also took two medium coats, but it looks awesome. 

You'll spy a curtain rod under the window if you're looking...that is for the art that seems to spontaneously spawn around children. Hopefully we'll keep it from crawling up the walls again. That project was maybe five bucks, and we shall see if it pays off.

I need to make (yet another) trip to IKEA for a few odds & ends still. Curtains, picture frames, wee-folk desk chairs, random never seems to end.

Featured Items

  • the bedframe: IKEA Tarva. 7/10. It feels sturdy, but it could have used a bit more sanding pre-paint.
  • the dresser: IKEA Malm. 9/10. It is holding up well. I wish it came in more it used to, but they might come back again.
  • the bookshelf: IKEA Billy. 15/10. This is the fourth Billy to enter my house, and is definitely not the last.

We aren't quite finished yet, but we have made an epicmegajump. After the next IKEA trip, we should be done! Just in time to tackle the older kids room...