Monday, March 7, 2016

What Does The Fox Say?

I came across this pin forever ago. It lurked in the back of my head for months and months. But I was afraid. I thought my skillz weren't evolved enough...I read different versions of the pattern and I was scared. Turns out, it was not my fault.

I took notes on my Ravelry page as I went. I did not, however, include all the "what the fuck?" moments I had.
**Basically, with the gray** 

CO 2sts
row one: increased (kfb, k, kfb) 
row two: k across
 *do this until you have 22sts or its as wide as you want*
***switch to red***
row "three": K across
row "four": slip the first st, then K across
*keep going until its long enough*
decrease (k2tog, k, k2tog) until its narrow as you want it to be. do whatever stitch you want for at least 4 inches, then increase again until you have 22/whatever sts.
(The red I used for the body wasnt quite enough. I think at least 100g would be needed, maybe even 110g. I ended up using more of the gray. My fox has a long neck)
Once it got to about the right length, I started decreases. I used k2tog, k, k2tog until it was the right size. I bound off, then crocheted a little back loop and stitched it down. 

For the ears: (x2)
Co 2sts
Kfb, k across each row until 12 sts. 
Bind off
Sew them on where ever. 
I plan on adding buttons for eyes.
What every damned picture I saw looked like

What mine looks like (with a little help from Thing #1)

What I Learned
I am easily frustrated when reading patterns. I need to work on my comprehension.

I am capable of "winging it"

I don't like the way wool tweed slides across my hand while knitting.

I don't really have to finish things in two days. I don't.

I like knitting triangles. KFBFTW.

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