Monday, December 5, 2016

Be Simple Variations | The Unicorn Scarf

Needles: US 8/5mm (I think)

I made this scarf for a dear friend...last year. 2016 has been a giant dick. Tons of polish-related busy + carpal tunnel + buying a house have really cut into my knitting time. It is a major bummer. But I am beyond proud with how this scarf turned out. I used two skeins, and its pretty big and floofy and snuggly and warm. My pals lives in rural Washington, and it snows there.

I picked this colorway because it is a rainbow, and the pattern because it is actually a triangle/unicorn horn shape. My friend is unicorny obsessed, so it was only fitting.

What I learned:

I prefer short patterns. This one was pretty easy to follow, but I did have to rip out at least one repeat because I get distracted.

This yarn, while beautiful, might be too delicate for me. I am a bit rough still, and my rhythm isn't perfect. I tore the yarn a few times.

Silk is kinda sticky.

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